What is a façade Access System?

A Façade Access System is a system designed to allow operatives to reach the external façade of the building. This includes glass, ACP, stone, roofs, atriums and even painted surfaces.

What is the benefit of a Façade Access System?

It provides professional access to your building allowing cleaning and maintenance crews to easily and safely reach all parts of your façade. The system will result in cheaper and faster cleaning of the façade and also bring down maintenance costs.

What are the different types of Façade Access Systems?

There are over 25 different types of Façade Access Solutions that are available. Any one or a combination of these systems may be required to completely access a building façade. We are proud to offer the complete range of access options so as to be able to completely access any façade.

What does it cost to install an access system?

Depending on the type of building, the system can cost anywhere from 2 lakhs to more than a Crore. Typically an eyebolt system costs about 2-5 Lakhs, a cradle system with davits/jibs costs 12-25 lakh and a motorized trolley system costs upwards of 25 Lakhs.

How do I know which system is best suited to my building?

With our experience in the field & expertise ,we can custom design our system for you. We would require a complete set of
drawings and preferably a perspective.

How long will it take to execute the order?

Typically the order execution from drawing approvals to commissioning can take anywhere from10 weeks to six months depending on the type of access system.


What is the life of the system?

The life of each type of system varies. However, with proper maintenance all systems have a life of over 10 years.

What is the difference between a BMU system and a TSP system?

A BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) system is designed for permanent access to a building façade. A TSP (Temporary Suspended Platform) system is designed for temporary access typically for façade installation and maintenance. A key difference between the two systems is the safety features and protection provided in the cradle as compared to a platform.

What about the service/maintenance of the machine?

DBMSS has trained technicians on its roll who help us provide quality maintenance and service as and when required.

Where to get spare parts for my Façade Access System?

DBMSS maintains a stock of the most commonly required spares and we would be glad to provide you any spare you require.


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